Yes or No to Medical Marijuana

November 8, 2018 By Donald Phillips

Yes or No to Medical Marijuana

It is starting to become much easier to obtain marijuana legally. In the last 20 years, 23 states in the United States have passed laws making it legal to use medical marijuana. This has happened also in certain countries, such as Austria, Finland, Canada, Germany, Spain and Israel.

Medical problems

Activists believe that this has allowed many with inflexible medical situations to receive an effective and safe therapy. Opponents make the argument that these benefits are overblown while the advocates ignore harms of marijuana. Mainly, opponents say the real objective of medical marijuana is to make it much easier for people to be able to gain it for recreational purposes.

Both points

Both sides do have a point. But research exists that can help to illuminate what we don’t know about medical marijuana. A current systemic review that has been printed in the “Journal of the American Medical Association”examined all randomized measured trials of cannabinoids or cannabis in the treatment of medical problems. They reviewed 79 trials involving more than 6400 participants. Most of the trials showed some help with symptoms, but most of them did not realize any significant stats. But many did, however.


Medical marijuana was linked with some impressive improvements in total resolution of vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy (47% of those using it versus 20% of controls). It amplified the number of those who had resolve of pain (37% up from 31%). It has shown to reduce the ratings of pain by about one-half a point on a10-point scale, and to diminish spasticity especially in paraplegia or multiple sclerosis in a parallel manner.

No insignificant results

Those are not results that are insignificant, and they are shown by other studies that have established that cannabinoids and marijuana can aid with refractory chronic pain. But the majority of researchers have stressed this should be used only after other therapies have failed.


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