What are the different specializations of lawyers

February 9, 2019 By Danny White

What are the different specializations of lawyers

When looking lawyers, knowing what their specialization is, is very important. Aside from looking for the best family lawyers Parramatta, you should also research about what type of lawyer you need for your case.

There are different kinds of lawyers and even though all go through the basic course in law, a post which they specialize in different branches.


The various specializations are :

  1. family law which consists of lawyers who specialize in
    1. divorce
    2. child custody as well as
    3. child support cases
  2. lawyers who handle disability cases such as
    1. social security as well as
    2. workers compensation
  3. Lawyers who handle immigration which in turn means
    1. they handle citizenship
    2. green cards as well as
    3. deportation
  4. lawyers who handle bankruptcy cases
    1. they handle foreclosures as well as
    2. personal bankruptcy lawyers
  5. There are who are specifically help with real estate, tenants as well as landlord issues as well as issues regarding neighbors and pets
  6. There are personal injury lawyers and these lawyers take care of car accidents, slips and falls as well as medical malpractices.
  7. There are those lawyers who are known as criminal lawyers, and they take care of DUI as well as DWI cases, there are lawyers who take care of drug crimes and
  8. those who deal with issues consisting of sealing of records.
  9. There are employment lawyers who specialize in wrongful termination, employee benefits
  10. lawyers who deal with business taxes, audits as well as personal tax income.

 When it comes to divorce and family law, however, it is very tricky. It is not necessary that every lawyer is aware of all the intricacies that need to be dealt with. It is also not necessary that the lawyer that charges the most is the best one you can get to fight your case. You need to go to a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours earlier and has a good track record when it comes to his previous cases.


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