Types of Personal Injury Cases

September 27, 2018 By Donald Phillips

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are very common in every country as people want to get compensated for any loss, damage, or injury they have borne because of someone else’s fault or misconduct. They have a legal right to get appropriate compensation for any financial or emotional loss. Personal injury law is the most confusing and intimidating as it involves various legal aspects. An injury can occur due to multiple causes, and each cause involves different legal aspects and is defined clearly in the personal injury law. This article provides information regarding certain kinds of personal injury cases that a plaintiff may be involved in.

  • Motor Vehicle accidents:

This includes any accidents that are caused by a stopped or a moving motor vehicle. It may involve heavy vehicles like a truck or tractor, two-wheelers, and other four-wheelers. The person involved in a car accident can go through injuries like broken bones, rib damage, organ damage or internal or external bleeding. A person can claim damages from the liable person and the lawyers of the plaintiff are required to prove that the defendant has caused the injury.

  • Recreational accidents:

Various recreational activities like boating, water rafting, and jet skiing can prove to be a threat to people. If the accident is caused due to any discrepancy by the company that is providing recreational activities, the person suffering from the loss has the right to sue the company for any damages.

  • Assaults:

If either intentionally or unintentionally, any injury is caused to another person due to some assault or rivalry with the same or anyone else, the suffering person has the right to claim for the damages or injuries.

  • Medical malpractices:

Patients of a hospital also have certain rights against the doctors and hospitals if any misconduct is performed by any of the staff members that result in further loss or injury of the patient, he/she has the right to claim for that additional expenses incurred on that further loss. For example, if a dentist by mistake damages any other teeth or provides medication that results in any other health problems, he/she is liable for further damages.

  • Pet injuries:

The owner of the pet is responsible for any injury that is caused by their pets. They are financially responsible for the bites and injuries, and the injured has the right to sue the owner for any loss or expense incurred on the treatment of the injury.

  • Slip, fall or household accident cases:

The owner of the premises must keep the property clean and safe in order to avoid any accidents. If the person is involved in any such cases that are caused because of discrepancies on behalf of the owner, the injured has the right to claim for compensation for the damages.

These were various types of cases in which the plaintiff can demand compensation for any loss or expense incurred on the injury.


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