The Difference between Smooth vs. Textured Implants

October 25, 2018 By Donald Phillips

The Difference between Smooth vs. Textured Implants

At any center specializing in breast implants, they are used to getting lots of questions on the different types of implants – smooth vs. textured. These centres realize that the decision is ultimately the patient’s decision. It goes together with the personal goals of the patient for this type of plastic surgery. It is advised that the patient educate themselves on all options so that they know the questions to ask during your consultation.

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Major question

Of course, this is the number one question that is asked. Breast implants are usually categorized by the type of filling and the type of outer shell. More patients are usually familiar with the fillings being saline or silicone, but more clients are less familiar with the outer shells of smooth and textured.

Smooth breast implants

Implants with an outer shell that is smooth have more benefits. The first one is that the smooth shell is thinner than the textured shell, so that it feels more natural and softer. Additionally, the implants that are smooth move more during activity which mimics the movement of the natural breast.

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Most popular

Smooth implants are often referred to as smooth, round implants because implants with smooth outer shells must be round instead of the tear-drop shape implants. Most women opt for smooth, round implants – but the type of implant is right for one person depends on the desired outcome of the breast augmentation and where the implants will be placed. An example is women with breast that are smaller often opt out for the smooth breast implants due to the implant being placed on top of the chest muscle and the textured surface would be more noticeable.

Textured breast implants

Texture implants have a shell that is thicker so that they feel somewhat like sandpaper. When filled, these implants end up having a much firmer feel than smooth implants due to the thicker shell.  These are also easier to use with breast reconstruction. These have a shape that is tear-drop rather than a round shape. The reason the tear-drop shape implants are used is this shape helps in sticking to your breast tissue – preventing the rotation of implants.  With a round shape, implant rotation does not matter due to it looking the same from every angle.


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