Seven Tips for Liver Crowdfunding Patients in India

August 23, 2018 By Sheri Croll

Seven Tips for Liver Crowdfunding Patients in India

Liver diseases are fairly common in populations where alcoholism is common. This includes underprivileged sections of the population who are far more likely to fall prey to alcoholism. Liver diseases and a whole range of them are likely to affect these people. Apart from this, consuming infected food and water can give a person Hepatitis. Hepatitis C in particular tends to cause lasting liver damage.

  1. Binge drinking and regular alcoholism can cause cirrhosis of the liver.
  2. Hepatitis C can cause liver damage.
  3. Liver cancer can be fatal if patients are not given a liver transplant.
  4. Apart from these, various other causes can create lasting liver damage in people.

If the liver damage is such that it cannot be treated with the help of medications, the patient might need a liver transplant. A liver transplant involves a surgical procedure in which a new liver is put in the body of an individual. This new liver may come from a deceased donor or from a living person who is willing to give the patient a part of their liver.

The surgery is complicated and only the best of hepatic surgeons will attempt it. Because of the complications involved, there is some risk involved too Liver transplants are also very, very expensive. However, this can be handled by crowdfunding for the liver transplant. Liver transplants can cost anything between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 30 lakh in India, depending on the place where the surgery is being committed.

Despite the costs, there are certain things you can do in order to crowdsource your funds. Here are a few.

  1. Medicalfundraising in India is really popular. You need to choose a crowdfunding website that you like and start a fundraiser there. On a site like Impact Guru, starting a fundraiser takes about five minutes. Therefore, crowdfunding can be cost and time effective.
  1. Go for a crowdfunding platform that can provide you with the managerial expertise required in order to treat a project as huge as a liver transplant. Remember that the platform is not doing you a favor by letting you have your fundraiser on that website.
  1. Your fundraiser should be short and lucid. People should be able to identify with it. Therefore, it makes sense that you upload a video with a message from the person to your fundraiser. To give it more credibility you should upload copies of medical documents.
  1. You need to contact all the people in your friends and familiar circles about your fundraiser. Utilize all means of contacting people including social media and email.
  1. However, the point in crowdfunding is not to stay in your echo chamber but to break social circles and get financial support from unlikely people too. This is why posting on social media repeatedly is important. The success of your campaign depends on how many unlikely people you have been able to reach; how many people funded you who you otherwise would have no access to.
  1. If you think your circle is too small and you cannot reach enough number of people, consider creating a number of support fundraisers to help you. These fundraisers can be shared by a number of people who are your friends. These people have to be thoroughly dedicated in what they do and give your fundraiser as much exposure as possible.
  2. This is why creating a team to raise funds with is important. Your team will have your back when you are busy (and you are likely to be busy in the hospital). These people will take care of the day to day running of the campaign. They will also share their respective fundraisers with the equal amount of enthusiasm as you.

Financial help for liver transplant patients might be minimal from banks and insurances but social enterprises like medical crowdfunding is can create a space for these people.


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