How Cannabis Oil Can Make Your Valentine’s Day Extra Special

February 21, 2019 By Danny White

How Cannabis Oil Can Make Your Valentine’s Day Extra Special

While many Americans plan a romantic dinner or vacation every Valentine’s Day, others choose to go on an experimental route. They prefer to bring their lovemaking to a new level by buying cannabis oil and other products.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in most states, demand for the plant has shot up. Patients flock dispensaries to buy CBD oil, THC oil and other cannabis products for treating their ailments, primarily sufferers of chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and other health issues. Some also purchase CBD products for prevention of acne, skin rejuvenation and other skin diseases. But there are some who buy weed cannabidiol products to improve sexual performance.

Cannabis for Lovemaking

Lovers can use CBD oil to achieve new heights in the bedroom, especially in alleviating anxiety and lowering inhibition, Diana Urman a sexologist said. Urman said other couples use THC oil, which is responsible for weed’s psychoactive effects. Some people reported that the use of CBD and THC could increase sensitivity to touch and engagement in sensual pleasures, which deepens sexual pleasure.

A scientific study conducted at the University of Texas found that men who took moderate doses of THC oil helped increase their sexual stamina. This cannabinoid oil made them more attentive to the subtle intricacies of lovemaking.

However, those who took large doses had negative effects on sexual performance. Men complained of losing interest in lovemaking because they are too “high” for the task.

THC and CBD Balance

To moderate its effects, THC must be counteracted with an equal dose of CBD. A marijuana strain with 1:1 THC:CBD ratio can provide a balanced mixture of euphoria and relaxation ideal during sex, according to Andrew Mieure, a certified budtender and owner of Top Shelf Budtending.

Women do not need as much THC as men, according to Karyn Wagner of Paradigm Medical Marijuana. Wagner has developed a marijuana strain with low THC content and high CBD content to boost women’s sexual drive, especially those in their 50’s and 60’s. She believes that a mixture of this cannabis strain as well as hemp oil with high CBD content will improve women’s sex life.

Cannabis can increase libido and sexual desire at low to moderate doses. The mixture of CBD and THC oils reportedly increased each partners’ ability to communicate with their partners during sexual encounters and increased sensuality. However, at high doses, marijuana leads to decreased desire. It is best to consult doctors if you want to get the most of cannabis oil on Valentine’s Day.


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