All Information That You Need to Buy Medication That Are Generic On the Internet

January 1, 2019 By admin

All Information That You Need to Buy Medication That Are Generic On the Internet

All medication drugs that are sold through RXShopMD have been inspected as well as approved by FDA Purchasing. FDA Purchasing has approved generic medications that you will feel a saving on over the brand name equivalents. Placing orders at saves its regular customers hundreds of dollars each year. You are able to buy top quality antibiotics such as Cialis, Modealert, and Merida, weight loss pills as well as many other generic drugs. They have low prices and savings averaging 50% and as high as 80% off on your medications.

For example the popular allergy medicine Allegra can also be purchased under its generic name of Fexofenadine and the price is much lower.

Why use generic drugs

When buying generics from their drugs store – they give you the best price guarantee as well as shipping guarantee. There are no extra fees with great savings and much more.

Delivery guaranteed guarantees the time of your delivery of your medication. In case the order is not received within the stated delivery time, they guarantee a replacement that is free of charge or your entire payment will be refunded.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied fully with your purchase, they will reship your order for free or will refund you 100% of its value

Free on-line Prescription does not charge you any consultation for processing fee. All your orders are reviewed by a licensed physician.

How to buy medication online

  1. Find the drug you need in the respective category. Or, you can use the search box in the top left corner.
  2. Choose the dosage that doctor has prescribed for you and click on the Buy Now button;
  3. Fill in all personal data, your shipping address, shipping method (ask about free shipping) and the method of payment.
  4. Please fill in the form for a doctor. Based on all provided information, their doctor will help you to decide whether you need this specific drug or will advise you on another one. All consultations by doctors are free of charge.
  5. After successful placement of the order, you will get an email notification. Within 1-2 working days on your e-mail you will receive tracking number and instructions.

If you have questions, please contact customer support managers by giving them a phone call, via online chat or via e-mail.


They also have many useful medical articles as well as Daily Health News. Daily Health News is one of the most popular daily health news an up-to-date source of drug information online.

Brief guide to generic drugs and their manufactures

Often it can be confusing for some to understand the difference between great amounts of medication at the International market. It is known that almost every medication is sold by a few brand names as well as also some generic versions. Often, there are new brand names to one drug all at the same time. Drugs that are generic are usually manufactured in such countries as Mexico or India. They are equivalent to their brand name equal, as they have the same dosing, effect on a person’s health, quality and terms of use.


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