Alcohol: Consuming the Life of People

September 13, 2018 By Donald Phillips

Alcohol: Consuming the Life of People

Human life is like a game of snake and ladder; it means it is filled with ups and downs. But like we control the player in the game with the help of a dice, various situations control our lives. One such situation struggling from drug or alcohol addiction in the life of a person. Alcohol is a substance that is mixed with various beverages and different items and causes multiple effects on our bodies and minds. Alcohol induces euphoria or mood lift, decrease anxiety and increase the sociability with the help of sedation. Various people consume this harmful drug because of stressful experiences in life. They may be too afraid to face them consciously. There are various cons of alcohol consumption some of which are discussed below.

  1. Liver Problems:

There are multiple functions performed by various parts of the human body that allow a person to live his life well. The liver is one of the main organs of the body that is most adversely affected by the consumption of alcohol. It processes all the items consumed by a person, and it takes about an hour to consume a single drink of alcoholic beverage and with the increase in many drinks, the time increases, and does the risk of damage.

  1. Sedation:

Alcohol sedates the human body and the mind often goes out of control. He/she is not able to take charge of his own body and may perform any activity under the influence of alcohol without even remembering it later.

  1. Depression:

Alcohol is responsible for mood swings and changes the brain’s interaction with the body. It can lead to over thinking and can lead to depression and nervousness. This depression can be fatal and can lead to various anxiety and other mental problems.

  1. Social as well as family problems:

After the consumption of alcohol, the body is under its effect and is not under the control of the bearer. This can lead to social and personal tensions and can create various societal as well as financial problems.

These were certain disadvantages of consuming of alcohol in any form. Various people are working against the consumption of alcohol and are helping addicts to overcome the problem. One can join to fight the problem and live a happy and peaceful life.


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