9 Teeth Whitening Mistakes That You Should Avoid

December 5, 2018 By admin

9 Teeth Whitening Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Don’t we all aspire to have whiter teeth — whether we openly admit it or not? Having white teeth makes us feel more confident about ourselves. We tend to smile more brightly and embrace a more positive outlook on life.

However — as any cosmetic dentist Reston VA would advise — there are teeth whitening mistakes that we should avoid. Though many people do these things, these rather common practices pose danger to our dental health.

Read on and check out if there are whitening mistakes that you’re guilty of doing.

Not consulting your dentist

Always consult your cosmetic dentist Reston VA first before using any teeth whitening product. Most people skip this step and buy over-the-counter products even without any prescription. But by seeing a dentist, your overall dental health can be thoroughly examined first. Afterward, you can be prescribed with the product that would best suit your need.

Ignoring existing dental damage

Sometimes, having stained or yellowish teeth isn’t your sole dental concern. If you have another existing dental damage, it is best to address these matters first before going through any teeth whitening procedure. Talk with your dentist and let him or her fix these damages first before using any whitening product.

Using products that weaken your tooth enamel

Have you seen or read about people who use acidic liquids like apple cider vinegar to whiten their teeth? While these things do help in making your teeth brighter, they can actually weaken your tooth enamel and make your teeth more sensitive. The same is true with at-home whitening items like baking soda and bleach.

Using ill-fitting whitening trays

Another popular teeth whitening alternative is the use of whitening trays. Just be careful when restoring to this option; an ill-fitting tray can cause whitening gel leakage and end up damaging your gums. Dentists recommend using a custom-fitted tray to prevent this from happening.

Over whitening

There’s such thing called as over-whitening. This happens when you use a product more frequently than what is written in the instructions. The key is read direction of use first and diligently follow what your dentist has recommended.

Not brushing or flossing before using whitening products

Though brushing or flossing is a requirement before any whitening product is applied to your teeth, many people actually tend to skip this important step. Don’t let plaque or bits of food slow down the process of making your teeth brighter.

Eating the wrong food

A person’s eating habit is also a significant factor in maintaining a clean and bright set of teeth. If you are fond of eating tooth-damaging food, you’d end up having an unhealthy dental condition. Some of the food and beverage you need to avoid includes drinking soda, tea, coffee, and wine. It’s also recommended to eat light-colored food (e.g. Rice, boiled chicken) after using a whitening product.

Not attending follow-up sessions

Just because your teeth are already getting whiter doesn’t mean that you should stop consulting your cosmetic dentist Reston VA. Always attend your follow-up sessions and follow the instructions share by your dentist.

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